Corporate Info

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Business Management

Albert Dyal, President

Albert Dyal has over 35 years of experience in the concrete industry and is a veritable wealth of information about concrete, business, engineering, mechanics and the Bible. With his hands-on style of management, you will often find him in the vehicle maintenance shop working on a truck or at one of plants welding or re-engineering! He is a caring business owner that considers his employees and customers as part of his extended family.

Phelisha Dyal Williams, General Manager

Phelisha grew up in the concrete business and, under her father's tutelage, has gained tremendous insight and experience in the industry. She brings a younger approach to the business and keeps a close eye on costs and spending, allowing Mobile Concrete to be more competitive in today's struggling economy. Phelisha works closely with the management team to keep things running smoothly and make sure the customers are satisfied.

Linda Dyal, Accounts Payable/Bookkeeping

Linda pays the bills and keeps the books straight. As the wife of Albert, she is probably the true "boss" of the company!

Ollie McGahee, Operations Manager

Ollie is the only "non-family" member in the front office and he also wears many hats. As Operations Manager, he is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations and logistics, inventory, the Aggregate Division, safety, quality assurance, human resources, and environmental compliance. He works closely with Scott Hickox in the bidding process to make sure the right product is spec'd and can be on-site for pours of size to help insure the job goes smoothly and the concrete is as it should be. Ollie is a certified DOT batcher and technician and fills in for the plant managers when they are out. He also handles insurance and workers comp, much of the purchasing, assists in training new drivers, fills in for drivers and loader operators if necessary. And if you are reading this, then he has successfully added the cap of web-designer/master to his hat rack.

Maintenance Shop

Bill Brown and his crew make sure that the vehicles and plants stay in good running order. With the boss looking over their shoulder a lot of the time, they have to stay on their toes.