Concrete Services

At Mobile Concrete, our primary purpose is to supply top quality ready-mixed concrete at a fair price. Whetheryou are a major construction company with a multi-million dollar project or a "do-it-yourself" home owner with a sidewalk or patio project, we can cater to your need. We may not always be the lowest, but remember, "you get what you pay for!"

Types of Concrete:

  • With over 35 standard mix designs, Mobile Concrete can produce concrete for most any application without any need for prior technical consultation (based on the project).

  • Our mixes range for applications from residential (sidewalk/patios, drives, footers and slabs) to commercial (footers, slabs, parking lots and curbs) to industrial needs. Whether it is structural concrete, pump mixes, grout, or flowable fill, we have a mix for the application or:

  • For those unusual applications that may arise, we have in-house expertise and we also work closely with Whitaker Laboratory, Inc., in Savannah and can design a mix to meet any need.

We offer a variety of products that can be added to the basic concrete mix to make a better quality mix as well as tailor the concrete to your particular job.


We deal exclusively with Euclid Chemicals for our admixtures. Admixtures include air entrainer, accelerator, water reducer, retarder, plasticizer, and other specialty products. In addition to supplying us with quality products, Euclid also offers outstanding technical support and can assist in addressing any architectural or engineering issue or problem that may arise.


  • Mobile Concrete is a strong proponent of the use of fiber in concrete. Fiber helps prevent settlement and shrinkage cracking, long term cracking from drying, as well as providing greater flexural strength. For more technical information on fiber and it applications, check out our supplier's site (see the Propex link on the left side of this page).

  • Another additive that is available is dye. Although we do not stock dye, we do have color kits that allow you to see what is available. Be advised that since dye is a specialty product that we do not use on a regular basis, we only order dye on a per job basis and the customer is responsible for the amount we order - whether it is used or not. Of course, we will work closely with you or your finisher to make sure we order just the right amount!


  • Any of our managers can help you determine what type and how much concrete you need.
  • All of our plant managers are Georgia DOT certified batchers. We also have 3 DOT certified Concrete Technicians on staff.

  • For larger projects, we have staff that can offer a variety of assistance. We will gladly meet with your architect or engineer to help provide data to insure that the concrete delivered to you is properly suited for your project (of course, if needed, we will be happy to do that on smaller projects too, it is just a standard practice of ours for the larger projects). Then when it is time to pour, we will have someone on site for the pour to handle challenges or issues and help with logistics to make sure that the job goes smooth.

  • With proper planning and notice, we can combine the resources of our plants to handle even the largest projects in the area. Don't let the size of the dog fool you! It's the size of the fight that counts!

  • We do not make a habit of recommending concrete finishers. However, if you are having trouble locating one for your project, give us a call, and we will furnish the names of 3 or 4 finishers that we have worked with - and have confidence in their ability to do the job right. All too often, we get blamed for a finisher's poor workmanship - so we are only to happy to promote the ones that we know do the job right!